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Invisible Brace

Clear, comfortable, and invisible braces replacing the traditional braces. With no food restrictions, you can eat anything with them on. In addition, they offer convenience in being easily removable, making cleaning them hassle-free. 


We specialize in providing you with dentures that fit your needs. They are available as partial and complete. There are many advantages in having dentures, those include improved chewing ability, word pronunciation, and facial aesthetics. 

Root Canals

When the pulp inside your tooth becomes inflamed or infected, a root canal treatment is necessary. Leaving the pulp untreated can cause abscess, tooth decay, pain, and trauma to the tooth. Root canal treatments help restore your tooth to its regular condition in order to continue functioning normally. 

Teeth Whitening

Are you unsatisfied with your smile? At Elite Dentistry, we use various techniques to whiten your teeth and give you the ideal smile you wish to have. 

Oral Surgery

We specialize in many types of oral surgery for different conditions and cases. 

Other Services

Elite Dentistry offers many other services, including but not limited to: Extractions, Partials, Filling, Veneers, Dental Implants, Wisdom Tooth Removal, and more. 

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